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BMW E46 sedan-touring 4dr FACELIFT pandem widebody kit

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Pandem for bmw e46 sedan! Our high-quality fiberglass product, designed and producted specially for 4-door sedan of one of the most legendary model of bmw 3-series  2nd generation 02-06. We made everything in order to satisfy different tastes of e46 owners! 

Also fits for e46 touring!

Point what kind of e46 you have when buying the kit!

There are different varieties which are availiable for two stilings (pre-facelift and facelift) !
Consists of 8 elements: two parts for front bumper ( fabrique, m-tech  and m-look), two parts for front fenders ( pre and facelift), two parts specially for rear doors, two parts for rear fenders, bumper( fabrique and m-technic) and  side skirts!
Rear fenders + 60 mm both sides wider, front fenders + 40mm both sides wider.
Needs cutting and welding of wheel archs.
May Need small professional prepare actions for installing, ways of installing - bolts, screws, adhesive

Handling time 2-5 days after payment (sometimes needs about week to manufact for special order). 
Shipping and handling time varies from 3-7 working days!
In some cases we need to produce parts? it needs extra 3-4 days, but usually we ship within 5-7 days.
Delivery price is already included in the price of item. When you order, you see 0$ for shipping - it is OK, shipping is free, it is already put in price.
Delivery time varies from 2 weeks to 1 month as usual by USPS
If you have questions or bought an item better contact us in instagram: evolution.customs
it is more informative and we can discuss your order easily!

  • BMW
    • 3-er 1998-2005 (E46/4)

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